Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Emergency dosa

Emegency dosa is very easy to prepare and its very tasty :).

To prepare it we need below ingredients:


1)  goduma pindi (Wheat flour ) (2cups)
2)  Biyyapindi (Rice flour ) (1 cp)
3) Shanaga pindi (Bengalgram flour or Besan) (1cup)
4  Tomoto(1)
5) green mirchi(green Chilli)(2 pices)
6) kothimira(Coriander leaves/cilantro)(1 bunch)
7  karivepaku( Curry Leaves) as per requirement
8) Salt

Take 2 cups of weet flour  in a bowl and add all above ingredients in it and mix 2 cups of water to this mixture . Please wait for 5 min then  you can prepare dosa with in 5 min and ready to taste it:)

all you have to do is to pour a cup of this mixture on to nonstick pan or any other pan and spread it to make it round shaped. once its baked enough take it and have it with any pickle.

Try it and post yor feed back. Thanks :)

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